Crying from loneliness

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As the advancing Red Army pushed into Germany, Wiesenthal was forced to march westwards by his SS guards. The survivors of this arduous trek were liberated, finally, by American troops at the Mauthausen camp in Austria, in May 1945. Holocaust horror: Wiesenthal's drawings

He cried from loneliness and then dictated a list of 91 names of camp officials. He later tracked down more than 70 of them.

In 1947, Wiesenthal helped establish a centre in Linz, Austria, devoted to collecting information for use in future war crimes trials.

What is the meaning of the third sentence of the above? Did he really cry or just shed some crocodile tears? First cried afterwards dictated a list of names. What does it mean?
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    Yes, he really did cry, because he felt so alone (from, in this case = because of). Bitter tears for the family, friends and others who had been killed by the SS. Once he had recovered, he wrote down (or listed off orally to an American soldier who wrote down) a list of the SS members who had run the camp, with the clear intention that he would not forget and would bring them to justice.


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    After the horrors of what Wiesenthal experienced, why would he cry crocodile tears? His family, friends, and nearly everyone he knew had been tortured and murdered.

    I don't think there is a correlation between the two events of him crying and then writing down the SS officers.

    It just means that he allowed himself to grieve, and then he moved on to begin the process of bringing guilty people to justice.
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