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Hi everybody!

What does CSSD stand for, please? It must be something like Central Sterile Supply Departement but I'm not able to identify the ward.

Thanks a lot
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    Sorry, europefranc, I passed over that question.

    CSSD is not a ward. It is not a place where patients are cared for.

    CSSD is a service department within a hospital that is responsible for providing sterile packs - for example to the operating theatres.
    CSSD also stands for:
    Central Sterile Supply Department ( See: Boshill Hospital part of Eastern Health, Australia. ) (As newcomer I cannot give URL. )

    QUOTE: "CSSD is a specialised area responsible for the collecting, decontamination, assembling, packing, sterilisation, storing and distribution of a multiplicity of goods and equipment to areas in the hospital that provide patient care. "

    Outside the context of hospitals, readers should note that CSSD also stands for:
    Central School of Speech and Drama (London, UK).
    Czech Social Democratic Party
    Child Support Services Division (US)
    Canadian Society for Social Development

    Any many more ...


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    Services or Supply:)
    If the CSSD actually provide sterilisation services they will use Services. If they supply equipment and packs sterilised elsewhere they will use Supply.
    Alternatively, it may depend on the whim of the department's head.
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