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    This term "cușilori" was a term used by my Romanian aunt, from Banat region (serbia). it was used somewhat affectionately toward us as children, but I dont know what it means, or where it originates from. any feedback would be appreciated, response in Romanian is okay too. multumesc frumos... aurel
  2. farscape mod-errare humanum est

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    No, not really a word that I've heard of - it's not in the dictionaries - but perhaps someone more familiar with the regional dialects spoken in Banat can chime in. Probably unrelated but a common term used by Romanian grandmas when talking to their charges is puişor.

    Abia acum am văzut că puteam să scriu şi în româneşte...

  3. irinet

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    If you wrote Serbia, then it's not a Romanian word. You should ask elsewhere about it. I couldn't find it either.
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    Maybe it's a regional pronunciation for "cucilor" (vocative plural for "cuc" ). In English "cuc" means "cuckoo".
  5. farscape mod-errare humanum est

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    Da, e o idee... Am auzit bunici, unchi/mătuşi folosind iezilor, mânjilor, cârlane (dar nu pluralul cârlanilor), de ce nu cucilor? :)


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