1. Ruthita Member

    English - UK
    This is on a form and below is a box with information in it.

    I know that this literally means "attached box", but this doesn't make a lot of sense in English. Even "box below" doesn't seem right.

    The other boxes on the form have proper headings that relate to the information contained in them.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  2. Ana_Fi

    Ana_Fi Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spain - Spanish
    Maybe 'the box at the end of the form'?
  3. Ruthita Member

    English - UK
    There are actually three boxes (which appear one on top of the other) at the top of the form. It's the first of the three boxes. The other two relating to the contracting party and the certificate.
  4. Ruthita Member

    English - UK
    Sorry, actually I've just noticed that it's the heading right at the top of the form so it seems to apply to the whole thing.
  5. carmenea Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    What about,

    "Following box/es"
  6. Ruthita Member

    English - UK
    Actually I've realised that "anexo" can mean "schedule" in the context of insurance. So I have gone with "policy schedule". Thanks for your input though.
  7. koalaroo New Member

    Spain - Spanish
    I would have stated "attached box" or "attached table"

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