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    como se dice: no se aye ni el vuelo de una mosca cuando la tele esta encendida - you can't hear a pin drop? or is there so much noise you can't hear anything or is it so quiet you can hear everything because everyone is so quiet.
  2. walkiria Senior Member

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    The phrase "no se oye el vuelo de una mosca" means that there is no noise. But if the tv is on, it means that the only noise is the one of the tv, everybody is very silent because they are listening very attentive to the tv.
    It´s very used in classroom. The teacher will say "no quiero que se escuche ni el vuelo de una mosca" but she will explain something and children will be listening to her or doing some exercise she gave.
  3. vignette Senior Member

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    It actually is:
    "No se oye ni el vuelo de una mosca cuando la tele está encendida"

    It means everyone is quiet so you can hear nothing but the TV, in this case.

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