Spanish base cualquier

Dictionary entry: cualquier

Mark Bachrach

I have been struggling for a long time to understand how cualquier and ningún differ from each other in usage in their pronoun and adjective forms. I finally figured out that they do work the same (i.e. when to use the short, male and feminine forms).

The confusion stems from the fact that the two Wordreference pages are formatted differently. My suggestion is that the pages for cualquier and ningún be ordered and formatted identically.
  • It sounds like you are referring to the structure or organization of the two entries. That flows from the Spanish database, so I will forward this to that team, so they can evaluate whether it is possible to better align the entries for cualquier and ningún.
    Thanks for your interest in our dictionaries. These two entries were revised recently to add usage notes and examples (we no longer have specific entries for cualquier and ningún because these forms have been included under cualquiera and ninguno, respectively.) This means that these entries will be more similar now. Changes will be visible on the webpage soon, and hopefully the usage of these (admittedly) complicated words will be clearer now.