Cuando no me necesites, recíclame

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  1. vane75 New Member

    Hola a todos,

    Necesito traducir al inglés esta frase. Es para poner al final de un folleto, para que no acabe en la basura.

    Se me ocurren las siguientes traducciones:

    - When you don’t need me any more, recycle me.
    pero me pregunto si no habrá una traducción más adecuada, más adaptada al lenguaje habitual.

    Muchas gracias de antemano,

  2. Bigote Blanco Senior Member

    or one might use a common English phrase.
    ......, trade me in.
  3. vane75 New Member

    Could be, but I understand "trade in" as "give it in to someone", and I want to trasmit the ideo of throwing it in a recycling bin or similar.
  4. Bigote Blanco Senior Member

    I'm not familiar with "trade in" as "give in to someone" and don't believe I've ever heard it used that way.

    "to trade in" is a common English phrase. It means "to exchange one thing for another."

    "I traded in my car yesterday."
    This means that I traded my old car for a new(er) car(plus a sum of money)yesterday.

    The man said, in fun, to his 40 year old wife:
    "I'm thinking of trading you in for two 20's."
    This means he will trade his wife of 40, for two women of 20 years of age.
    It's a common joke, but probably not appreciated by most women.
  5. vane75 New Member

    That's the idea. BUt then, I don't want people to give in the brochure in exchange for anything, I just want them to put it in a recycle bin.

    It's not that bad. You could put it the other way round: the woman said her husband:"I'm thinking of trading you for two 20's"...
  6. Bigote Blanco Senior Member

    Yes, you could. Many men might like that suggestion.:D
  7. vane75 New Member

    Ok, that I understand. As the message will be printed ON the brochure, the idea was to write it as if it was the brochure who "spoke" (that's why I writted "recycle-me").

    But if it's better to write in third person, I'll put it that way.

    Thank you for your help.
  8. vane75 New Member

    By the way...

    Is it better to print a more formal phrase ("When you no longer need this brochure, please recycle it") or a less formal one ("When you are done with this brochure, please recycle it")??

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