Cuando pase el temblor / desensillar hasta que aclare


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Spanish, Argentina
Hi everybody!
Could somebody give me an equivalent of "Cuando pase el temblor" or the one we use in the countryside (where I live) "desensillar hasta que aclare"?
In Spanish we would use them as in "I'll travel when the swine flu is over" (Viajaré cuando pase el temblor / No viajaré; hay que desensillar hasta que aclare) which is absolutely true!!!!
Thanks in advance,
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    Spanish, Argentina
    Hi apuquipa.
    They sound quite literal to me but most probably there aren't other options.
    Thanks a lot


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    I would say 'when this blows over', and it could apply to either a storm or the swine flu or any other troublesome event.
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