Cuanto cuesta, cuanto debo pagarle

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    Hola a todos:

    Quisiera saber como se podria preguntar por el precio de alquiler de una habitacion

    En español decimos: Cuanto debo pagarle por el cuarto?

    Se usa una expresion similar en inglés?
    Se me ocurre decir: How much should I pay you for the room?
    pero, esta expresión se usa en idioma inglés? existen otras?

    Gracias de antemano
  2. Aidanriley

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    SD, California
    How much do I pay you to rent this room?
    How much does this room cost (per day, per week, etc.)?

    'Should' implies a moral obligation... for example:
    I should pay you, but I'm not going to pay you.

    I would use a word that is more absolute: How much do I need to pay you? Or similar.
  3. fenixpollo

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    American English
    Aidan, I haven't heard expressions like "how much do I need to pay you" or "how much do I pay you" used in polite conversation. If someone used them with me, I would interpret them as impatient and demanding. I think pintover is looking for something more polite than the simple "how much does it cost" question; he's not looking for another way to say "how much should I pay you".

    I recommend How much do I owe you?, which is often used in a friendly, conversational way. Even more colloquial is What's the damage? (¿cuánto es la suma?)

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