Cuanto cuesta una noche en este hotel?

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  1. pili84 Senior Member


    I´d like to know, how do you say in English "cuanto cuesta una noche en este hotel?"

    My try:
    How much does a night cost in this hotel?

    Thank you.
  2. ntello Member

    My translation: "How much does it cost per night in this hotel?"

  3. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    What are your rates for one night?
    Or "What are your nightly rates?" (but it sounds stilted to me)
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  4. SuperScuffer Senior Member

    Nerja, Spain & London
    English - GB
    All the suggested translations sound a little odd to me, as I think you would more normally talk about "rooms" rather than just "nights".

    "How much is a twin-room per night in this hotel?" etc.

    or "What are your nightly room rates?"
  5. bondia

    bondia Senior Member

    Illes Balears

    More simply:
    "How much does a (twin) room cost per night?"
    "What do you charge per night for a twin room?"
    The concept of twin-room sounds strange to me. I think in most hotels it is redundant.
    "per" night also sounds strange.
    I would say:
    "What's the price for a room for two?"
  6. sdgraham

    sdgraham Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    USA English
    This works for me in AE as well, except we'd probably say a "double room."
  7. ntello Member

    Well, you mainly ask for a room, and they will ask you if you prefer a single room or a double room.
    Then you have to ask for a king bed, two beds, or whatever you want.
  8. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    But Pili is asking this:
    and not "Cuánto cuesta una habitación en este hotel":confused:
  9. ntello Member

    Si, pero como siempre... hay varias traducciones posibles y casi todas vienen a decir lo mismo...
  10. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    Sí? Entonces qué pasa con los hoteles en los cuales se pasa la noche en habitaciones compartidas?

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