Cuchi pluma, cuchipluma

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    I do transcription/translation work. Can anyone tell me what "cuchi pluma" means? I know that "cuchi" can mean "cerdo" and "pluma" can mean many things, including a feather, a pen or a feminate male. The context (which I cannot divulge for confidentiality reasons) does not indicate what the use might be, exactly. Is there any other slang that is similar to this term? Or does this term mean something specific?

    Please advise.

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    Since we cannot see the context, it's impossible to give you anything but dictionary definitions of those individual terms.
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    I hope somehow you read this since it has been so long since you posted.

    My grandparents were Cuban and growing up we were only allowed to speak Spanish when we were in their home.

    I remember my grandfather used to sing a song that went "Cuchipluma na ma tenia mi novia, cuchipluma na ma."

    Today my husband was categorizing a song that had the same melody and it's lyrics immediately transported me to my grandparents' home when I was child. Anyhow, all this to say that the song my husband was playing was titled " Buche y Pluma" Now, anyone who has any knowledge of how Cuban speak, can conjecture that perhaps my grandfather misheard the lyrics and sang "cuchipluma" in place of "buche y pluma"

    However, I'm certain that I heard other Cubans in Miami use the word cuchipluma as well. When my grandparents used the word, it was a noun. And meant something to the effect of a person who is all talk and no action.

    Hope this helps, if you haven't had someone tell you this already.


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    You are right, Evelyn. It is "buche y pluma". It seems to me "Cuchi y pluma" is just a popular distortion of the original.

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