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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Stella679, Aug 5, 2008.

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    Cosa vuol dire 'cucina d'autore'? L'ho trovato sul sito internet di "identita` golose (congresso italiano di cucina d'autore)".

  2. merse0 Senior Member

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    High quality food prepared by famous renowned cooks.
    Usually very expensive :(
  3. anglomania1

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    Hi there,
    I'd like to reopen this thread as I don't think it was really fully looked into last time.
    I am translating an article about the different restaurant guides in Italy, how many restaurants are featured in each guide and the ratings and symbols they use.
    The sentence:
    Sono in tutto 51, uno in più del 2014,con punteggi che vanno da 95 a 85 centesimi. A questi si aggiungono le oltre 200 insegne della “Cucina d’autore”, che rappresentano il fiore all’occhiello della cucina italiana.
    Could it be something like:
    There are also 200 restaurants marked "famous chef/celebrity chef"??
    Thanks for any suggestions,
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    We've had many discussions about the phrase 'd'autore' added to some word 'X'.
    Many of the solutions are very different, and often confusing to me.

    But based on THIS thread, yours seems like a reasonable solution.

    One way to confirm this would be to find a restaurant with that adjective, and see if the chef is famous.:)
  5. anglomania1

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    Thanks Tim - I missed that thread for some reason!!:)
    I had forgotten that "signature" is often suggested, though it doesn't work for "chef" - it such a confusing word!
    I looked up a famous restaurant and chef ...

    So maybe it could work. The only problem is that "celebrity chef" is one who works on TV too - that's why he/she is famous.
    So maybe I'd better go for "famous chef" which is simpler;).

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