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I am watching a Canadian animated children's TV show called Pirates: Adventures in Art. There are some Spanish expressions in it. I don't know whether "cuckoo cucurachas" is Spanish. I have got the show's script. I guess this phrase has a spelling mistake. It might be "cuckoo cucarachas" but I don't know its meaning in the following context:

FRESCO: I suppose the legend of the Ring was just a myth...
(He sets the third piece in place. ) Cuckoo cucurachas!
( REVEAL the "C" shaped space left between the golden tiles.)
CLEO: The Ring! We've found where it goes!
(Quoted from Pirates Season 1 Episode 10. The episode is about how Leo, Cleo and Fresco try to find the Golden Gecko on the gecko island. Later Fresco manages to find it. So it is so happy and says "Cuckoo cucurachas".)

Thanks very much!
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    A cucaracha is a cockroach (and the subject of a famous Spanish folk song of the same name which crossed over into 20th C. AE popularity, via Mexico).

    The show is probably using the nonsense phrase "cuckoo cucarachas" as an expression of amazement or delight, from your context.


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    Or he's just repeating the first syllable of the word: "Cu-cu-cucarachas!"
    I think RM1's got it. And it makes sense that Fresco uses it as an expression of glee, since we now know that Fresco is a gecko. Geckos like to eat cockroaches; some people keep geckos as pets for that reason.
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