Cue the Judy Garland album.

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Hi everybody,

a girl's father walks in on her while she is in her room with a bloke. Later, she and her friends are having fun and are laughing at the situation. After one of her friends, who is gay, says something to her, she makes a sarcastic remark:

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N: What, being caught at it is worse if you're gay?!
A: Yes!
N: Cue the Judy Garland album.
A: What's that supposed to mean?

What did she want to say with this bolded remark?
Thank you!
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    Judy Garland is considered one of the classic gay icons (article on Wikipedia). Is that enough to go on?

    One telling line from that article: Garland, as well as Lana Turner and Susan Hayward, epitomized the idea that "suffering was the price of glamor...[and] the women stars of the 50s reflected the condition of many gay men: they suffered, beautifully".
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