Cuerpo a tierra (grito militar)


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The phrase "¡Cuerpo a tierra!" is used in Spanish in a military context, or when there is a dangerous situation. How would you say it in English? I know several possibilities. Are they OK?:

- Hit the ground!
- Everybody face down!

Thanks in advance.
  • Äldar

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    Yo lo he oído como
    Que aunque sea ¡Abajo!, aquí lo traduciríamos más por ¡Cuerpo a tierra! Pero bueno, seguro que hay una traducción que se parezca más... ;)


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    Thank you, zumac. Now, what do you think about the sentences I have included in my first post?

    - Hit the ground!
    This is fine, but it's not used that often.
    "Hit the dirt" as Aztlaniano suggested, is very commonly used.

    - Everybody face down!
    This is not used in the context that you want. It might be used by a gym instructor.