cuidar que nadie se caiga (subjunctive)

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    Tiene que cuidar que nadie se caiga.

    Could any one explain, or give me a link as to why the subjunctive is used here instead of the indicative please. I have no idea under which rule this grammar point falls.

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    This is subjunctive because I suppose we don't know if the person falls or not, it's beyond our control. Perhaps it'll help you if you replace the verb cuidar with: asegurarse.

    For example, this may make it more clear: Asegúrese de que nadie caiga. Make sure no one falls down. Asegúrese is more or less the equivalent to: tiene que cuidar (cuide que). :) I hope this helps.

    The same would be true if the sentence were the opposite (we don't know if it will actually happen or not), for instance: Procura que alguien (que pase por aquí) caiga.

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    It's an unreal, hypothetical action that hasn't happened yet (and hopefully won't).
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    That's very much for your time and help. Well understood now :)

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