1. flipphelp Member

    colombia, spanish/english
    Hola, me podrian dar sugerencias para "cultivo" por favor. Cultivo como sustantivo, algo que se tiene y en lo que se trabaja e idealmente produce una cosecha. Como ejemplo esta oracion.

    Tengo un bello cultivo de mora.

    La opcion the "Crop", no me cuadra. Y "cultivation" como que tampoco. thanks for your help.
  2. Marxelo

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    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Castellano Rioplatense
    A beautiful blackberry plantation quizás.
  3. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    I would go with ¨crop¨as well. But if you want another word, knowing that it´s not exact, you could say ¨a beautiful blackberry garden.¨
  4. flipphelp Member

    colombia, spanish/english
    Thanks for the help but i'm not fully convinced that there are no better options. I associate plantation with warm climate crops, like cotton or sugar. Is blackberry plantation OK? it seems weird.

    And again crop I tHink conveys a less physichal meaning than the one I think I need. Crop is something used in economy and general terms or am I wrong? Would "blackberry fields" work? Like in the Strawberry Fields Forever song.

    For lack of a better option I am going with "crop" but I am still waiting for replies.

    Following is the source text and my translation. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    SOURCE TEXT: En primer lugar la densidad de siembra, lógicamente, un cultivo moderadamente tecnificado, con una densidad de siembra de una planta por cada tres metros cuadrados, tendrá mayor producción que un cultivo con una densidad de una planta por cada cuatro metros cuadrados.

    TRANSLATION IN PROGRESS: First on line is the sowing density. Logically, a moderately technified crop with a sowing density of one plant for every three square meters, will have a larger yield than a crop with a sowing density of one plant for every for four meters.

    Again a million Thanks
  5. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    To me, that looks like ¨planting¨.

    Your scientific text is a far cry from the other one, Tengo un bello cultivo de mora.


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