culture's underlying City on a Hill morality

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  1. paulabpereyra Member

    Argentina, Español
    Does anybody know the meaning/translation into Spanish of this sentence?
    "That's why our culture's underlying City on a Hill morality remains unsoiled"

    Specifically, I don't understand "our culture's....morality"

    BTW, this text is comparing the US and the European views of sex; and City on a Hill is Washington.

  2. alfajari Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    "Por eso la moralidad de City on a Hill/Washington subyacente a nuestra cultura..."??

    Yo también quisiera saberlo con seguridad!
    Take care
  3. paulabpereyra Member

    Argentina, Español
    Muchas gracias!! Era más o menos lo q se me había ocurrido pero vos lo pusiste mejor...

    Si averiguo otra cosa, te aviso

  4. nadasé Senior Member

    Spanish - US
    City on a Hill morality = moralidad puritana
  5. paulabpereyra Member

    Argentina, Español

    Muuuuuuchas gracias


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