Cum ați traduce combinația din următoarea poezie, adică resting scowl expression?


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Sometimes when we are sitting on the back porch drinking tequila mockingbirds, we remember it—and a soft smiling expression washes gently over our faces. Except for this last time it happened, everybody but me got that soft smiling expression and I alone got stuck with the resting scowl expression. One of the features of the soft smiling expression is that for the duration of one’s soft smiling expression, one is unable to register any expressions on others that are not also a version of the soft smiling expression, meaning my resting scowl expression would remain invisible to everyone for as long as they kept up their soft smiling expressions. Thank goodness, because what is there to scowl at, when faced with the memory of Girl F walking into a gorgeous, vertical, geranium champagne lavender sage yarrow bubble bath with all her clothes on, just the thought of it makes me swoon, yes swoon.
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