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Can someone help me to translate this:

Se abrueba por unanimidad:

- Realizar una subida de las cuotas de la Comunidad del 10%

- No utilizar los fondos de la Comunidad y realizar una derrama de unos 400 euros por apartamento simple y a pagar en dos plazos, el primero el 15 de Agosto de 2.006 y el segundo el 15 de Febrero de 2.007

Thanks a lot
  • Apher

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    It is unanimously approved:

    - To rise the community instalment 10%
    - Do not use the community kitty and make a 400 € "derrama" by each apartment to be paid in 2 times, the first will be the 15th August 2006 and the second the 15th February 2007.

    "Derrama" lies in sharing out an incidental expense among the community members.


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    Hi all!
    This concept causes problems in the moment to require a translation from Spanish to other languages.
    In this case, IMHO, I consider that the translation given by Epovo and the explanation given by Apher are correct, but as a point more of explanation, for the person that will be forced to make some payments because one "derrama" I would want to clarify that this concept in a community of proprietors or owners means that it it will be necessary to make a non general expense and therefore not foreseen in the ordinary budget of general expenses, so it becomes necessary to appeal to an unique payment (wich can be divided or not in several terms) that will be contributed by the coproprietors or coowners.
    In this environment the translation that for me would reflect the better meaning of "derrama" would be the words "assessment" or even "purse" although I prefer "asessment".
    So that it is some comfort, I will say that it is a lot more difficult to find a word that translates "derrama" to French
    I hope to have served as help. Greetings.


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    Hola, yo siempre me encuentro con el mismo problema y mi solucion aunque se que no es la correcta pero es la que mas se aproxima al significado de "derrama" es "extraordinay quota", ya que es un pago excepcional por algun motivo, algo que no entra dentro de los pagos ordinarios.


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    I usually say "special levy" or simply "special payment" and leave the Spanish afterward:

    special levy (derrama)

    Since it's not actually part of the monthly quota, but an amount added to it either as a lump sum or prorated over several months, even years, I'd probably steer clear of using "quota."

    In addition to having to translate this term, I have to pay "derramas" more frequently than I'd like!


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    Proprietors' Associations have to make outlays for one-off expenses such as repairs, reforms, etc. I'm sorry to say that most of what is written above is blatant Spanglish.
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