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    In Turkish the word for cup is "kap" and it's pronounced exactly same as in English.

    It's not strictly something from which you can drink liquids from.

    The other words related with it are:

    kap: to contain, container, to cover, cover, vessel, enclose, seize, to snatch
    kapa: to close
    kapak: lid
    kapı: door
    kaç: escape (opposite of kap meaning to catch)
    kavra: to cover (so that the thing can not escape out)
    kaburga: ribs

    *čap-: 1 big vessel, barrel, pail 2 basin
    *Kapsak: coffin, box, basket
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    Hi ancalimon,

    in Greek a cup is:

    «Κούπα» ['kupa] (fem.) a Late Latin loan < cuppa --> drinking vessel. We mostly use it to describe the mug.
    «Φλιτζάνι» [fli'd͡zani] (neut.) a Turkish loan < fincan. We mostly use it to describe the coffee/tea cup with it.
    «Κύπελλο» ['cipelo] (neut.) a Classical Greek neuter noun «κύπελλον» 'kŭpĕllŏn --> goblet (with obscure etymology; some philologists see a link with the Lat. cuppa). With «κύπελλο» we describe the clay and porcelain cup. It's also used for the cup-shaped trophy awarded as a prize in athletic events.

    We tοο use «κάπα» ['kapa] (fem.) a Late latin loan < cappa --> cloak (i'ts the sleeveless wool coat with hood), and «καπάκι» [ka'paci] (neut.) a Turkish loan < kapak (the lid of a container). However I think the etymology of cup ≠ kapa, cappa, κάπα, kapak, καπάκι
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    The Norwegian word for cup is "kopp" and the Norwegian word for a compartment on a train is "kupé."

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