Cura vero & auspicis felicis memoriæ Reverendissimi...

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    This is on the title page of Raymund Martin's Pugio Fidei.

    See here on Google Books:

    It states, "Cura vero & auspicis felicis memoriæ Reverendissimi THOMÆ TURCO:
    Subindeque Reverendissimi Ioannis Baptistæ de Marinis Magistrorum Generalium."

    My question pertains to "cura vero & auspicis felicis memoriæ..." What does that mean, particularly cura vero?
  2. relativamente Senior Member

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    Vero is an adverb witout much meaning that here could have been ommitted, something like really, even and so on. Cura et auspiciis, means with the care and sponsorship of Thomas Turco, that apparently helped somehow to publish the book
  3. Diadem Senior Member

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    Is it auspiciis or auspicis​? What case is it?
  4. relativamente Senior Member

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    Auscipium is a neuter noun of the second declination. In consequence the plural ablative is auspiciis, if one wants to be accurate
    This word changed meaning from classical time to modern. In ancient times meaning avis adspicio or observation of birds, not as a hobby like modern birdwatching but as a means of devination of future events, task performed by the augures

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