curiosité du lieu

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I am not sure about the syntax of the following sentence... and about the exact translation...
Il s'était institué le conseiller touristique du couple et veillait à ce qu'aucune curiosité de lieu ne fût oubliée.
I am suggesting:
He had appointed himself a tourist adviser (?) of the couple and made sure that all (transposition possible ou pas? )of the local wonders (?) were mentioned.

anyone could help?
  • Gwan

    Senior Member
    New Zealand, English
    I would probably stick closer to the French and say "made sure that none of the local curiosities/attractions were forgotten/overlooked/missed out (on)". The first half of the sentence needs work too but I can't think of a translation for 'conseiller touristique'. 'Tour guide' isn't right if he's just advising, not guiding, but I can't think of another word...

    sam's mum

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    England English
    I agree with Gwan. 'he had appointed himself as the couple's tour guide and made sure than none of the local sights were overlooked'
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