Currency Escalation & Material Escalation

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Hello All,
In the two sentences below, why would currency escalation and material esclation occur when exchange rate and commodity rate move down by - 5%? Shouldn't both of them decline too?

1.Currency Escalation shall occur if exchange rate (USD to RMB) moves by +/- 5% from the base rate .
2.Material Escalation shall occur if commodity rates move by +/- 5% from rates.

Thanks !
  • Thomas Tompion

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    It's hard to be sure what this means without more context, but I think these may be clauses in a contract, protecting both the producer and the purchaser against currency changes and/or changes in the prices of materials.

    I suspect that if the movement in the currencies or the material prices is more than 5% either way, the final-product price can be altered. This gives both parties a certain degree of insurance that the price of the product will be as quoted.

    I suspect that escalation here just means raising or lowering of price, and that material escalation therefore implies material price escalation.

    You may be thinking that escalation implies increase; I'm pretty confident that here it can mean movement in either direction.

    Don't forget my initial caveat.


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    Hi Tomas,
    I'm pleased to see your prompt help. And your analysis really helps me out.
    Yes,you are right.These two sentences come from an collabration agreement,which I'm trying to put into Chinese.
    I did think escalation meant increase,and this meaning doesn't make sense in the sentences. And your view clears all this out.
    Thanks again.
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