Current account deficit/surplus


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Hi, what are the correct translations of

"Current account surplus"
"Current account deficit"

in Italian?

(The dictionary speaks of a Conto Corrente, but I mean the difference between imports and exports of a country - more or less - I hope my question is clear.)

  • andersxman

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    Yes, that link is perfect - it is exactly this:

    Current account balance
    The difference between the nation's total exports of goods, services and transfers and its total imports of them. Current account balance calculations exclude transactions in financial assets and liabilities.

    But I was looking for something with bilancio, and it seems to be:

    "Biliancia dei pagamenti"... (with an "a" instead of an "o")


    A dir la verità, ho scoperto che si dice conto corrente anche in italiano: è una parte (sezione) della Bilancia dei Pagamenti (vedi QUI).;)
    io ricordavo che la Bilancia dei pagamenti si divideva in:
    Partite Correnti e Conto Capitale.
    quindi la Bilancia delle partite correnti si può chiamare anche Conto Corrente.
    ok ;)