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I am wondering, do you guys think it's redundant to say "current" trend ?
The dictionaries all seem to define "trend" using the present progressive (ie. a general direction in which something is developing or changing).
So are trends current by definition? If we did mean a "former trend" or "past trend", only then would clarification be needed?
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    past trend/s, current trend/s, future trend/s :tick:

    In a particular context, it may or may not be necessary to specify "current".


    This month's sales figures show an upward trend after allowing for seasonal variation.

    (In this example, there is a time marker "This month" so it is not necessary to say "current".

    Thomas Tompion

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    No, trends are not current by definition. You can observe that in the past the trend was such-and-such. So current trend isn't a pleonasm. Having said which the tense of the verb usually indicates whether it's a current or a past trend, or an estimated future trend.
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