Currently our delivery time is booked until mid-September.


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Please could someone let me know what the following sentence means? This is from a vender, in reply to my purchase order for an item, where I asked about the estimated delivery date:
"Currently our delivery time is booked until mid-September."

Does this indicate that the delivery is not available until mid-September?
Or, is there another meaning?
  • SwissPete

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    It means that they cannot deliver until mid-September, but it is very badly worded (or translated). Delivery time cannot be "booked".


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    Thank you very much for your swift reply! It helps a lot!!!
    And it also helps me to understand why the wording doesn't feel right. As you pointed out, 'Delivery time cannot be "booked".'
    What kind of wordings do you think could be more fitting in this case?
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