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I am trying to say "I am currently working on the piece 'Elegy' by Gabriel Fauré". My guess would be "je travaille maintenant sur la pièce 'Elégie' qui a écrit par Gabriel Fauré".

I know this probably isn't right, but I cannot figure out how to say it... any ideas? :eek:
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    "For me that would imply you're working on it as you are speaking."

    Je suis d'accord!
    For me, "en ce moment" is pretty much enough to translate both "currently" and "".
    So "En ce moment, je travaille Elégie, un morceau de Gabiel Fauré" would sound good to me.
    What do you think?...


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    Oui, ce n'est pas très différent de ma proposition. :)
    Je pense que dans cette phrase, on peut employer indifféremment travailler comme transitif direct ou indirect.