Cursive writing: Undercurve, Overcurve, Cross-stroke

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    Hola foreros!

    How do I say "undercurve" or "overcurve" and "cross-stroke" as it relates to teaching how to write in cursive?

    For example, when writing in cursive handwriting, an undercurve to undercurve connection would be "s" to "i." An undercurve to overcurve example would be "ca" (the end of c brings you to the bottom of the line, and you have to curve over the "a" to start the letter.)

    Cross-stroke examples are the letters "o", "v" and "b" in cursive.

    Thank you for all your help! Mis alumnos y yo apreciamos mucho tu ayuda!
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    I would say it a different way: "la 's' se conecta con la 'i' siguiente desde abajo, la 'o' se conecta con la 'i' desde arriba". And I think the cross-stroke is the horizontal line "(línea horizontal") of the 't' and the capital 'F', the '5' and the European-style '7'.

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