1. cartago Member

    Seattle, Washington
    Spanish from my beautiful Costa Rica
    Thanks for your help.
    Sorry that I ask a lot but I need adittional help with this words or phrases:
    How do you say in English the following :

    1.Curso aprobado
    2.Curso reprobado
    3.Curso retirado
    4.Curso reconocido
    5.Curso por suficiencia
    6.Curso congelado
    7.Curso pendiente
    8.Promedio ponderado
    9.Creditos aprobados

    I have an idea, but just to make sure in career programs context.

    God bless you !!
  2. AmethystSW

    AmethystSW Senior Member

    English, USA
    My tries:

    1. passed course
    2. failed course
    3. withdrawn course (not sure)
    4. retaken course (not sure)
    5. courses requiring an aptitude test or prerequisite course (not sure)
    6. closed course (just a guess, completely unsure)
    7. pending course (not sure, maybe unpaid??)
    8. average weight...?? (Grade Point Average???)
    9. credits completed (passed)

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