Customer Complaint and Appeals Process


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How would I translate...

"Customer Complaint and Appeals Process"?

Thank you 4 for taking the time to help me :")
  • "Customer Complaint and Appeals Process"

    You can write it like this:

    "Proceso para quejas y peticiones de los clientes", assuming that "process" refers to a sequence, algoritm, form, etc. that 'processes' the complaints and appeals in a database for example.

    Would it still be the same if its a document giving the reader information on the steps to take if they have a complaint or an appeal???
    "Información para los clientes sobre como presentar quejas y peticiones."

    I think that's exactly what you're looking for, a little bit longer but more accurate.

    The translation would be more or less:
    "Information for customers on how to file complaints and appeals"

    Hope that would help.

    An even better solution:

    "Información para los clientes sobre como presentar quejas, peticiones y sugerencias"

    You could also use:

    "¿Quejas, Peticiones o Sugerencias?", but this would be more appropiate if you need a brochure or form to be filled.