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    Maybe somebody of you has been in touch with a Chinese company. As a customer or user, you get a unique number so the company can identify you when you contact them, analogous to a user ID.
    In English the proper term is customer reference number, short customer number (客户编号), but also customer ID (客户标识符).
    Do you agree with my suggestion? If so, it might be added to the dictionary.
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    Mandarin 國語
    This is a thread about making suggestions? Hm, then I won't be shy to disclose my own personal preference.
    I prefer 客户帐号 "customer account number" over 客户编号 "customer number". The former gives a sense of ownership (i.e., owning an account), making the customer feel like a shareholder or business partner. The latter sounds impersonal, equating a living customer to the mere existence of a number. By the same token, I prefer 身份代码 over 标识符 if the ID code represents a living person. The former recognizes one's "identify"; the latter minimizes one's existence to an inanimate object.
    As far as dictionary is concerned, I don't think there should be a separate entry for 客户编号, 客户帐号, or the like. They can be included as usage examples for the entries of 客户, 编号 and so on.
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    标识符 would be very strange as it seems a technical term for some machine, but not for customer ID. We use the words suggested in Skatinginbc's post.
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    谢谢! Re suggestion, I assume that mods monitor threads. I usually search the dictionary before asking questions, so there is a chance that something could be added to the dictionary.

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