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Hi there all.

I've always seen "To customize" written with the letter "Z", but yesterday I ran into an Orkut official homepage telling me that I could "use applications to customise my profile...". I know Orkut in general is not a very reliable site, but since this message was written on the home page (it means it was written by Orkut team, which is affiliated to team), I decided to do a research over 'to customise' with a "S".

The first search I did was on itself, and he asked me: "did you mean: to customize" (even tough he returned me 31 million pages with "customise").

The second shot was to try to enter a text on Microsoft Word with "to customise"... It turned out that he exchanged the "S" with a "Z" automatically.

Browsing on WordReference and, both told me "to customise" is the british flavour of "to customize", and then I searched, and the truth is that it return nothing at all with the letter "S".

I know that there are some differences between american and british english (e.g. color/colour)... but I've never heard of "to customise", "to personalise" at all... In my native language (Portuguese-BR), there are HUGE differences between "fazer" (verb to Make) and "faser" (there's no such word), "lazer" (noun, leisure) and "laser" (laser light), "usar" (verb to use) and "uzar" (there's no such word).... And when you commit such mistakes in Microsoft Word, for example, it corrects the text automatically.

So, my question is (and I would like to know from both American and British english speakers):

Is "to customise" correct OR, in any of the variants of English, this should be written "to customize" ???

Thanks in advance and best regards,
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