cut a bitch

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emre aydın

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Man speaking with her girlfriend who's pregnant:

(Holding up some food): These have an insane amount of salt and sugar. Did you know that?

Girl: Touch my caramels, and I'm-a cut a bitch.


What does she mean by "I'm gonna cut a bitch" ?

Thanks for your help.
  • Juhasz

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    English - United States
    Does she say it with "gonna" or without?
    "Imma" (as I usually see it spelled) is AAVE (and AE slang) for "I'm going to." The sentence "Imma cut a bitch" is more literal than the above replies have suggested - though still not entirely literal. Translated into Standard American English, the sentence would be: I'm going to cut someone [who I disrespect].

    The subtext, here, is that "someone/a bitch" is the first speaker. So, a better translation to Standard American English would actually be: Touch my caramels and I will cut you.
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