cut his hair bald


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Hello, everyone:

MARK MAYNARD: A lot off the sides by Mark Maynard (The Daily Independent)

Marty himself had forgotten about his conversation with Reds bench coach Chris Speier a few weeks ago— when he said he would cut his hair bald if the Reds won 10 in a row — until being reminded of it the day after the Reds had won their ninth in a row.

Is it good to use "bald" as an adjective here?

Thank you.
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    No. Your head can be bald, but your hair cannot, for the simple reason that baldness is the lack or absence of hair. The usual expression would be "... he said he would shave his head if the Reds won..."


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    It's a strange thing to say. You can't get to be bald by cutting your hair: cutting always leaves some hair. You can shave your head bald. 'Bald' is an adjective here because it describes the object of 'shave'; it doesn't describe the way you shave.


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    "...he said he would cut his hair short" works because "short" is a resultative adjective - He cut his hair and, as a result, it was short.

    But bald does not work:
    He cut his hair and, as a result, it was bald.:cross:

    His hair was not bald - he was bald.
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