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en el texto habla Ben Affleck sobre su película "Smokin aces". ¿Cómo se podría traducir esta expresión? No entiendo a qué se refiere. ¿La primera vez puede que se refiera al diálogo?
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Having staged an acting comeback and fathered a child, the next challenge on Ben’s list was learning to play pool for his next film, the dark-action comedy, Smokin’ Aces. And there was plenty of pressure from director Joe Carnahan to make the shots.
"Yeah I had a bunch of dialogue to do and try and get through and he wanted ****to cut in and out of it****, and he said the only thing that was important were the pool shots, and I'm knocking a few balls down ****to cut in and out ***of and as a consequence, it was virtually impossible for me to hit one pool shot. At one point I think I set the world record for missing the easiest shot in a row; I just kept setting it up right in front of me... Brick brick brick... So that was fun and it really boosted my ego."
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