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I was on the phone with a customer then I don't know for which reason but I lost the line.

The customer called me back so I apologised by saying that I was sorry, we got cut off. Can I say that? Is there another word more appropriate to use ? The customer was irate because he said that I shouldn't say cut off as It's too casual.

Thank you

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    I do not know why your customer was unhappy. It is quite normal to say we were cut off. I suppose you could say 'I am sorry I lost you' but I think that is even more casual to say you were cut off.


    You could say 'I lost the line' I suppose in a Customer Service environment that is more freindly than saying 'we were cut off' By saying 'I lost the line' you are taking the blame yourself for inconveniencing the customer, even though it was not your fault. It was just some gremlins in the works.


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    Volver, I think that saying "we got cut off" is perfectly correct and understandable. I am surprised that someone would get upset about that. However, another way to say it that may sound more formal would be "We got disconnected."

    Although it is perfectly understandable, I am not accostumed to hearing people say "I lost the line."

    I hope that helps...
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