cut that line in post

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Hi everyone,
I have a problem with that specific expression.
The context: theater, a dialog between two historical characters.
- Columbus' journey has been green-lit by the Queen, and it's all thanks to some
persuading by me.
- And by persuading, you mean you slept with the Queen, my wife?
- History depends on me.
- I can't wait to cut that line in post. Draw thy sword!
etc etc
Of course I understand the sense of it but how to translate it??
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    Italian (Italy)
    Si je ne me trompe pas (selon le sens du text que je lis aussi) Je ne peux guère attendre/J'ai hâte de voir les consequences

    But wait for natives too
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    What a very odd piece of dialogue! The uncomfortable jump from 'you' to 'thy' ...why? And this phrase about 'cutting that line in post': is it some sort of private, theatrical language, between actors? Cutting out a line of text? And doing this in a post-production meeting? The whole thing goes over my head, so I shall look forward to an explanation from somebody who does understand..., maybe Tibello! :confused:


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    french France
    peut-être avec ce sens de "to cut in" :
    to interrupt someone who is talking.

    J'ai hâte de te faire rentrer ces paroles dans la gorge ?
    (post, as in "posthaste" ?)


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    British English
    Sorry I don't agree with Archijacq's "posthaste". I've never seen posthaste abbreviated to "post" and if that meaning had been intended it would have read "I can't wait to cut that line posthaste" (no preposition in).

    The dialogue is strange, but I agree with Auptitgallo's suggestion of "I can't wait to cut that line (out) in post (production)".


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    Vu que c'est un genre telenovela où l'authenticité n'est pas une obligation, je vais reprendre mon texte et voir ce qui colle le mieux, avec deux préférences, la suggestion d'archijacq et les deux dernières de moustic et petit1 qui se complètent.
    En tout cas, un grand merci à tous et vive WR!
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