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    "So you want to forfeit the space without clearing out its contents?" he asked.
    "Right," I said. But I wasn’t really sure. Once they cut the lock, I could still take a peek.
    (from My Personal ‘Storage Wars’, January 4, 2013, the New York Times)

    What does the phrase 'cut the lock' mean?

    Thank you
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    Personal storage lockers are often secured with a padlock, which is exposed, rather than an inset lock like you might have in a door. So "cut the lock" means to use bolt cutters to cut through the padlock arm (if that's the term) that extends above the locking mechanism.
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    I believe the 'arm' is called the 'shank'. :)
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    What a temptation to say "Shank you," but that doesn't sound funny at all, does it. :rolleyes:

    So, thank you. :thumbsup:

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