cut through all the unstructured data

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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

When you put your value set together with your analysis of how the Machine works and your understanding of how it is affecting people and culture in different contexts, you have a worldview that you can then apply to all kinds of situations to produce your opinions. Just as a data scientist needs an algorithm to cut through all the unstructured data and all the noise to see the relevant patterns, an opinion writer needs a worldview to create heat and light.

Does "cut through all the unstructured data" mean discard/reject all the unstructured data?

Thank you.
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    Yes. Think of it as cutting your way through a jungle. You have to get rid of all the stuff that’s just in the way and not serving any useful purpose.

    And in your extract, cutting through applies to “all the noise” as well.
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