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Hola!! Estuve buscando el significado de dos palabras y aún no le encuentro el sentido exacto de las mismas. ¿Alguien me podría ayudar? Las palabras están marcadas con rojo:

There is nothing as adorable as a babbling, cooing, lisping baby. But when you're five year old lapses into baby talk, it's not cute - it's revolting and annoying. Yet this is quite a common happening. Many parents report that their children suddenly regress back to cutesy-pie, whiny baby language.

Cutesy- pie puede referirse a un hablar tipico de un bebe, pero el niño en este caso habla como bebé como para llamar la atencion a sus padres, y whiny puede referirse al sonido.
Desde ya les agradezco sus respuestas. :)
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    Argentina, Spanish
    Hola! No, Cutesy-pie significa algo cursi, un lenguaje hablado por un niño de 5 años como si fuera un bebé. Balbuceo es baby talk.


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    In english, we call this "baby talk." There is a good discussion/thread on this topic already. An Anrgentinian user suggested "MEDIA LENGUA." Qué tal?

    FYI: Baby talk, motherese, or child-directed speech (CDS) is a nonstandard form of speech used by adults, particularly mothers, in talking to children. It is usually delivered with a "cooing" pattern of inflection which is different from normal adult speech: high in pitch, and with many rises and falls in pitch which are exaggerated by comparison with normal speech. Baby talk is also used by pet owners when talking to their pets, and between adults as a form of affectionate intimacy.
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