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What kind of preposition, if any, should I use right after "cut corners" in a sentence? Like, "... I started cutting corners regarding/with/on/in my project"?
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    Welcome to the forum, Fifi Blu!

    Please give us a little more context for your sentence. What are you doing with respect to your project that would constitute cutting corners? Of the four different options you have named, which do you think is correct?

    Fifi Blu

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    Hi, Florentia52! Thank you for helping. Well, actually, I'm trying to claim that I will have to save as much chemicals as I can to finish my project. So, at first, I thought the right choice would be to use "regarding" but I can't find this sentence construction in the dictionaries I am used to.


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    Ola Fifi

    "I started cutting corners <x> my project" is a little ambiguous. It isn't clear what preposition is correct.

    But the project does not have "corners" that you are cutting. "Cutting corners" is a phrase that applies to how we "work" or how we "do" something.This sentence is a shortened version of a some longer sentence like:

    I started cutting corners while working on my project.
    I started cutting corners in how I worked on my project.

    Based on the longer versions of the sentence, I would use "on my project" in the short sentence.
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