cuya elaboración concurra directa o indirectamente


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I am having trouble with the following passage from an employment contract.
It is in regards to keeping secret the company's information and practices.

"Se obliga a guardar escrupulosamente los secretos técnicos, comerciales y de fabricación de los productos a cuya elaboración concurra directa o indirectamente, o de los cuales tenga conocimiento por razón del trabajo que va a realizar, así como de los asuntos administrativos reservados, cuya divulgación pueda causar perjuicios a LA EMPRESA".

My attempt is

"It is required to scrupulously keep technical, commercial or product manufacturing secrets, be it through their direct or indirect contribution, or any other private information that they are aware of due to the work they will perform, as well as any private administrative details, whose revelation may cause damages or harm to THE COMPANY".

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