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    This will partially answer your question:
    resumé versus cv
    (The short answer: they mean the same thing, though one or the other may be preferred by different people.)

    Now let's see what we can do about 'job profile'. :)
    It's not a term I am familiar with, nor does it seem to have been discussed before. Perhaps someone who knows it will help us out.
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    <Merged with an earlier thread>
    I am applying for a job. The required documents are resume and a cover letter.
    Is that resume the same as CV? I honestly don't get it
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    Yes, résumé is the same as CV. It is more common in AmE, and often written resumé. See the link given in the second post.

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    About job profile, it is not the same as a résumé/CV. It is the description of what the employer or company expects of the employee, so you look at the job profile, and write your résumé to show your talents, skills and experience that match the job profile, and show the employer that you are a good candidate. Pro-tip: No sense making things up there, because you will be expected to deliver if you get the job.
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