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Discussion in 'English Only' started by naitonyd, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. naitonyd New Member

    dear Sir

    what diferrent and how to use "cycle" , "cyclic" and "cycling"?
  2. Toadie

    Toadie Senior Member

    A cycle is anything that follows a pattern and repeats itself.

    Cyclic is an adjective describing something as a cycle.

    Cycling is a sport.
  3. GreenWhiteBlue

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    You use each one when it is the most appropriate choice.

    Do you have a particular sentence you are wondering about? If not, this question is impossibly vague.
  4. cuchuflete

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    Cycle has many meanings. When you have decided which you are
    asking about, we would welcome a more specific question.
  5. naitonyd New Member

    thank you very much.

    however please let me know the meaning of "cycling icemaker".
  6. Toadie

    Toadie Senior Member

    I'm pretty sure a cycling ice maker is something in most freezers that constantly freezes water into ice cubes.
  7. naitonyd New Member

    thank you so much :)
  8. Forero Senior Member

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    A cycle is a repeated sequence. "Cycle" is also a short way to say "bicycle", "motorcycle", or "unicycle".

    "Cyclic" is used for anything that repeats a cycle, especially an abstract pattern.

    A cycling ice maker would be a device that puts water in a mold/tray, waits for it to freeze, empties the ice cubes into a bin, and repeats the cycle.
  9. naitonyd New Member

    many thank Forero :)

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