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Hi All,

How would you explain the meaning of the word "cycle" in the following context? " Get your cycle of (product name) today!! "

I am assuming is has some relationship with this definition, but can't quite grasp it:

An interval of time during which a sequence of a recurring succession of events or phenomena is completed.

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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    It's an anabolic complex, in the form of either capsules or tablets, presented in a bottle (like one you would buy of pain relievers). Does this help?


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    "Cycle" with reference to drugs means a set of pills (or whatever form) that need to be taken in a specific order to be effective. It is most commonly used for birth control pills.
    I'm not sure why a pharmaceutical company would use it in their advertising in a sentence like "Get your cycle of Acme Anabolic Complex today!" It seems strange to me, but this is the only applicable meaning of "cycle" here that I can think of. :eek:


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    A musician determined to drink the contents of a number of bottles of whiskey might
    call that a cycle of fifths.

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