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Reg Wright, whose wife Emma Foa was killed when she got trapped by a cement mixer against roadside railings as the vehicle turned left at traffic lights, said the legislation could have saved her life. The 55-year-old publisher from Hampsstead, said: "If she had cycled off ahead of the lorry, she would probably still be here today."

Could you pleas explain "cycle off" to me.
Does "Cycle off " mean "have the right of way to turn left or right" ?
Thanks in advance
  • In that context, it means to start cycling before the cement mixer started to move.

    "Off" could be interpreted as "away", so it means "If she had cycled away ahead of the lorry".

    This looks like a British quote. Remember that we drive on the left in the UK. Therefore the cycle would have been on the inside, near the kerb, with the lorry (i.e. truck) on the outside of her. As it turned, it crushed her against the railings that were protecting the pavement (= side-walk) from the vehicles on the road. However, if there had been a law requiring motor vehicles not to move before cyclists had started and moved away, she would not have been killed.
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