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James Zhang

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Hi, teachers. I have some questions with the sentence below.
Convergence applications enable improved call completions by cycling
through a calling logic, defined by the called party, that is more flexible
and sophisticated than simply call forwarding.
My questions are:
1. Would you please explain "cycle through" for me? Or, provide me with
some of its synonyms.

Thank you. Have a good day.
  • suzi br

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    English / England
    I guess it is using cycle in the sense of a series of events, (cyclical)

    not a bicycle, which is always my first thought on cycles..


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    American English
    cycle through = "to go through each state in repeated succession".

    There is a traffic light. It cycles through red, greed, yellow, red, greed, yellow, red, greed, yellow, red, greed, yellow.....

    I suppose you _could_ cycle through once, but the whole concept of cycle is somethat that repeats. Like moon phases, seasons, or bad haircuts.

    Therefore, I think to say "one time through" you would have to say: "cycle once through" or "cycle through once".

    EDIT: greed, green, same thing, no?