cylinder valves and valves (dive)

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    I have translated some pre/post dive actions and I need help with some terms.

    cylinder valves: válvulas de las botelllas, griferías

    valves: válvulas, grifos

    The sentences are as follows: Rinse the mouthpiece and valves with fresh water, Open cylinder valves, and check function of valves and bailout systems.

    My try is: Enjuague la boquilla y los grifos con agua dulce, Abra las botellas, válvulas de las botellas o griferías???? and Compruebe el funcionamiento de los grifos/ válvulas y sistemas de bailout.

    Any idea?
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    Here I think the "valves" are the check valves in the mask which allow exhaled air to be expelled while preventing water from entering, and the cylinder valves hold or release the pressurized gas in the tanks.
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    It makes sense.

    I understand better now with your translation.

    Many thanks!

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