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I try to recall what 'avon' means in Welsh. As far as I remember (I had once listened to some lectures on etymology and history of English by Seth Lerer), it meant but 'river' and this is why there are several rivers called 'Avon' in GB. Am I right? I tried to find it somewhere over the net but unfortunately I didn't succeed.

I would be grateful for any help.


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    I am not Welsh but I may have the answer.
    From what I have found on the web, river is 'afon' but you should pronounce the 'f' like a 'v': 'avon'.


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    ... why there are several rivers called 'Avon' in GB.
    Hello Michal,
    I think you may be right. The trouble with English cartographers is that they took many answers too literally :
    Picture this ; Your typical anglo-saxon mapping the new crown lands, asks you average native British person "Hey, what do you call this?" pointing at the river, simple answer would have been "Afon" (ie. we call it a river, (you eejit)) ; so map maker notes that the locals refer to this River as the River "Avon".
    There are, of course, other classic examples of this phenomenon, however the ones I know relate to Irish, so outside the scope of this discussion.
    Hope this helps.
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